by Mrs. Minette Klenner

When I woke up on the airplane I looked out the window and saw below the most beautiful mountains I had ever seen covered in snow, they seem to go on forever. Checking the “live” map on the plane I realized that I was flying over the Swiss Alps and it was the most breath taking experience I have ever had! I have taught history for 10 years now and for the first time I was actually experiencing what I taught.

Upon arrival in Rome I was immediately immersed in my mission to learn how to travel internationally with students. I was able to experience a foreign country, communicate, and above everything else, I was in “Roma.”

colloseum-116009_1280Our expert tour guide took me into the world that I have taught for so long. I could hear the roar of the crowds and the screams of the Christians in the Coliseum, I could feel the power of Constantine as I gazed at his arc and the stories that are played out engraved upon it. I stood upon the place where Marc Antony famously stated, “ Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears,” I felt the struggle and the victory of the history of Christianity while touring the Vatican, and I was able to attend a Catholic Mass in the heart of Roma, for one full hour I was completely immersed in Italian culture and it was the most amazing hour of my life!

I came back to ACA full of excitement and new stories to share with my students. By traveling internationally with my students I can give them that same excitement and they can give in return new stories to share, the opportunity to see, touch and hear history and above all else a lifetime of memories. ​

Mrs. Minette Klenner , M.Ed.
High School History Teacher at Arizona Charter Academy

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