ACA is off to a strong start for the 2015-2016 school year. Students and staff are getting into routines and procedures, have finished the beginning of the year pre-tests while introducing the curriculum and learning goals. We are at record enrollment for grades K-8. ACA students have done an AMAZING job at welcoming all of the new students. At any lunch, I have never seen a new student sitting alone where an ACA student or staff member does not approach the child and invite him/her to join a group!

Galileo Testing – Why do students take this test? Every year ACA uses a system called Galileo to assess student growth, how he/she is achieving mastery of standards and predictions on the state assessment. Pre-tests are not a measurement of what a child should know, the test is a baseline to use as a measurement of growth as the year progresses. In addition, the pre-test lets teachers and administration know if tutoring and extra support will benefit the student in order to create a more successful school year. Students are then tested again in October, January, March and May for grades 3-8. For grades K-2 the next dates are December and May.

What do the numbers mean in Standards-Based Grading? Standards-based grading is as follows:

4 = Above and beyond (riding a bike AND can do wheelies and other tricks)

3= Grade level proficient (Can ride a bike with no assistance, rarely falls off)

2= Partial skills but still needs assistance (Can ride a bike but needs an adult to help push off or stop from several falls)

1= Needs Assistance all of the time (Training wheels on the bike and adult support)

0= Putting forth zero effort and attempt to move to an additional level


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Mrs. Henderson Principal of Arizona Charter Academy


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