I am amazed we are in November! The weather is changing and the students and staff are diligently working towards meeting their academic goals. The season of celebration, being thankful and helping others is fast approaching. ACA is currently hosting a food drive and are excited to help those in need.

Please continue to stop and think about how as adults we can model being kind to one another. An act of kindness goes a long way in someone’s life. I challenge all of us to find one person a week and do something to make their day. A smile, a kind note, an encouraging text, their favorite drink or candy, etc.

This Fall:

Student Council for grades 6th – 8th are off to a strong start with fundraising for Breast Cancer Awareness month, celebrating and informing students about Red Ribbon Week, an anti-drug campaign with a national theme this year of “Respect Yourself. Be Drug-Free.” In addition, the group is working towards Random Acts of Kindness. Mrs. MacCollum is the lead teacher working with the students.

Mrs. Buffo is bringing Student Council to grades 3rd through 5th grade. The goal is to begin to build leaders at a young age. Students will learn leadership skills, how to create positive change and prepare for their future.

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National Junior Honor Society is kicking off the school year with Mrs. Lee as their lead teacher. The group has adopted a street to help keep Surprise clean. Check out the Adopt A Street on Bullard and Reemes. National Junior Honor Society members must maintain high grades and represent with excellence in character.

Last year, Mrs. Pullins brought “Girls on the Run” a national program for girls to ACA. This year the national program will be “Girls on the Run” for grades 3rd- 5th and “Heart and Soul” for grades 6th – 8th. Please check out the program at http://www.girlsontherun.org/ ! The purpose is to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running. We are excited to build upon the program this year.
Check out Mr. Crossman’s after school program with Chess. Students are learning critical thinking skills at its best through the game of chess. Mrs. Beckman was in competing with students and walked out impressed by the student’s ability to play the game. We are excited to bring after school programs to students that teach skills through a game such as chess. A game students can play for many years to come!

How do I help my child catch up or advance in their skills?

As a parent and an educator, one of my favorite programs is MobyMax. The website link is www.mobymax.com a program where every ACA student has an account. The program allows students to either close gaps or to advance in areas of reading, mathematics, writing, or fact fluency. I highly encourage all of you to login and check out how MobyMax can help your child become a confident learner. The program allows students to earn game time, badges and certificates as they progress with success.

Student Survey:

Student surveys have been completed. As a staff, we will be reflecting and analyzing on the results in order to determine next steps. In addition, the 6th – 8th Student Council will be given the results to provide solutions to the administration for areas students want changed. The students had a lot of positive to say about their school. We are looking forward to hearing from the students on how to incorporate their ideas to make ACA even better. As the 3rd – 5th Student Council gets up and running we will also ask for input on changes we can make at ACA. The survey results will be posted and gone over for students to see.


Check out what a dad did for his daughter after dealing with being called names regarding her weight:


Bring Positive to the People Around You:

Watch a clip that will make you smile, remember life can be tough but a smile or simply asking someone how they are doing and taking the time to listen can make a difference. ACA wants to continue to bring positive to everyone. Help us spread happiness.




Mrs. Henderson Principal of Arizona Charter Academy


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