What’s Your Story

Luis Lopez


I came to ACA three years ago after my parents forced my siblings and I to this school. At first I I didn’t care for moving but after coming to this school there was many new experiences. There are plenty of things that I like about ACA. Since the classes are smaller I have been able to concentrate more and feel more open to ask questions when I need help.

I was never a bad student in school I have always gotten good grades however here at ACA the teachers are more open to making sure everyone gets the help they need, unlike other schools that are bigger who can’t focus on every student. Something cool about this school is a new program called the House of Studies. This gives students the opportunity to get involved in something that they might want to be a part of in the future. This year ACA did something different and replaced football with soccer I love to play so I like having it here. Arizona charter academy is a good school and the education I receive here I wouldn’t get anywhere else.



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