Ludwig Hällström Sander

My ACA Story

The 12th August I left Sweden to start my year as an exchange student in the US. The destination was Surprise, Arizona, a state I didn’t know anything about, but I was excited, the wait was finally over. Just 5 days after I arrived I took my first step inside Arizona Charter Academy, a very small school compared to my high school in Sweden.aca1

In my opinion there are many unique things about ACA, most of them are probably because I’m used to the Swedish school but I still think that ACA was the best option of all the different schools there are in this area. In Sweden my high school has around 2000 students, it’s for sure a very big school, which easily makes you “one in the crowd”, where you are there to learn things and nothing else. Here I think there is around 300 students and as you can tell it’s a big difference. Here the students are able to get to know each other better and it also creates a very pleasant environment, the teacher notice you more and everyone respects you. Another difference from Sweden is that the teachers here are more like friends than people who decide things, I feel like I can discuss things with the teachers easier in the US than with the teachers in Sweden, I really like that.

A thing that has become important for me here is the soccer, to be able to play soccer everyday after school is something incredible and that no student in Sweden has the possibility to do. It’s also through soccer that I really quickly made friends and they also made me feel very appreciated and welcomed.   I’m very happy about that. I think that I settled down really quickly here and I don’t have any bad memories from this first month. I have met a lot of friendly people and I have learnt many new things, even though it sometimes can be difficult with the language.

I have only been here for 1 month and the time has gone very fast. It’s 8 more months until I hopefully will be able to graduate here, which would be a memory to keep forever. ACA is a school that I’m very happy to represent and I feel like this is the right school to spend my exchange year in and where I’ll learn a lot of new things.


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