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Lexis Nicole Escudero

How did I get here, as an 8th grader you dream of going to a public big high school and getting the full high school experience. My mother wanted me to go to ACA since the beginning but my grandmother wanted me to have the experience also. I was experiencing bullying and I ended up getting into altercations with other students. Things happened and I finally decided to leave a large district High School and come to ACA. The first day I came to sign up I was a little scared but Mrs.Gore welcomed me to the school with open arms.

What’s unique about ACA is the staff. I’ve never gone to a school where they actually care about the students, take the time to learn their names and get to know them and learn their stories. The one person I think who has impacted me the most is Mrs. Purvis. She might call you out on occasion but she pushes you to succeed, listens s to you, and try’s to understand your situation. You feel loved and cared about, but also motivated to strive for greatness I don’t think I’d be where I am in my life if I didn’t go to ACA.

What I like about ACA is how I feel like we have the opportunity to be involved in so many different things. Now we have our houses of study, and its pretty cool you get to be involved with whatever you want to study like Civics, fine arts, business, and STEM.  Arizona Charter Academy really pushes you. When you leave high school you really have a strong idea of what you want do in the future.

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