Today was a great day for ACA HS! The Houses of Study Declaration Ceremony held at GCU, went extremely well and students were genuinely excited about their Houses and events for next year. Thanks to Klenner, Schmidt, Davis, Branston and Harris for getting this off the ground! Also a big thanks to Garrelts for coordinating all of the 9th grade back at school.

Last night’s Fine Arts showcase was also outstanding and well attended by parents, staff, and students. The Senior presentations exceeded expectations, again with great support from Klenner! A big thanks and congratulations to Davis and Branston for putting on an outstanding show.

Thank you for all of your hard work launching Houses of Study and Senior Projects this year. They truly had the desired effect we hoped for and will continue to grow in subsequent years!

Go Bulldogs!


Stephani Olson
HS Principal
Arizona Charter Academy

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