What an amazing day at the Capitol for our Capitol Scholars program!  Our representatives, Emily Holdaway, Elizabeth Zickefoose, Daniel Gyorffy, Mica Hill, Connor Duncan,  Nyah Johnson and James Saldana each presented a bill for consideration as we participated in a mock legislative session.  Beginning in Committee the students presented their bills and played the roles of chairmen, dissenting opinion and voting.  From there we held our caucus as each bill was given one more chance to be given a pass to the floor.

We ended our day on the floor of the House of Representatives participating in the COW (Committee of the Whole) and a 3rd reading of the bills. During the final vote each student was given the voting “buttons” to press to cast their vote on the big screen.  Arizona Charter Academy ended up with two bills passing, one died in committee and the other did not secure enough votes during the final read to pass.


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