Our 2nd annual Awards Recognition Ceremony will be held on September 23, 2015, at Communiversity in Surprise from 5-7 pm.  We will be acknowledging our students and the proposals they presented to the Surprise City Council on September 15th

Our program started in 2012 as a sponsored program by Representative Rick Gray.  During our first year we had a group of 12 students from Imagine Prep Surprise who worked in 9 workshops over the May-July to write state legislation.  The students then met at the Capitol in September for mock state legislative session.  In our second year we had a combined group of 20 students from Imagine Prep Surprise and the Arizona Charter Academy.  The students worked in 13 workshops from April-August to write state legislation and met at the Surprise City Hall in September for mock legislative session. 

Our program provides a real-world, hands-on governmental experience through a mock simulation of the legislative process Capitol Scholars teach students the real-world value of the law-making process, fosters speaking and listening skills, particularly in the area of debate,  promotes professionalism and collaboration   and provides Connections to city and state internships   The impact our program has on the community is a very integral component,   students create bills for the community that they live in, students work directly with governmental leaders to produce bills that will impact their community and residents of the community,  students develop a sense of pride for their community and begin to take a more active role in their community.  Community members and leaders develop relationships with the students and promote them to other activities and organizations within the community and relationships are built between schools students and community that will last a lifetime.


Mrs. Minette Klenner , M.Ed.

High School Social Studies

Advisor for NHS, House of Civics and Mentor Club

Arizona Charter Academy

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