We received this great feedback from a stranger who observed quietly our boys Baseball team members. He even took this photo and included it in his email. You guys made us proud, well done! Thank you!

Here is a note that came to my email inbox a few days ago:

Dear Mrs. Olson,

I am sure you get to hear a lot of complaints…well let me share with you something a little different…this is a compliment…

…on the evening of March 22 about 7 PM, I stopped in at the Barro’s Pizza located on Hunt Highway in San Tan Valley to enjoy some wings and watch a basketball game…in the parking lot I saw two vans from your school and thought there would be a crowd of students in the place.

…so here is the compliment…students were well behaved, not loud, talking in regular “inside” voices as they shared the remembrances of the days accomplishments.  Then all ate, shared various pizzas and seemed to take care of each other…this all made my meal more enjoyable.

Then I learned from one of the team members that they had just played and won their first game.

Here comes the compliment…your young men on the team did your school proud…I will remember your school for what I witnessed…if possible share my appreciation for how they handled themselves with the coaches and students if you want.

Hank Rausch
Florence, AZ
(Retired Christian school teacher and administrator.)


Thank you, Mr. Rausch, for your observation and your kind words. You made my day!

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