Jaden Clark’s and Joseph Mendez’s Drawings are Currently on Display, Along with Other Pieces of Artwork Created by Local Students

Two eighth-grade students from Arizona Charter Academy in Surprise recently found out that their artwork was selected from dozens of pieces to be placed on display at Surprise City Hall.

Jaden Clark’s “Wolf in Black and White” and Joseph Mendez’s “Aliens Looking at Earth” are both currently decorating the walls of the building.

In all, several pieces of local student artwork were selected to be hung at City Hall.

Stephanie Schurkens, who teaches art to second through eighth graders at Arizona Charter Academy, said that Jaden usually experiments with a variety of themes and materials in her artwork.

“She recently has been focusing on drawing animals in black ink on white paper creating beautiful, high-contrast images,” Schurkens said.

Joseph typically draws a wide variety of creative characters in graphite pencils, which Schurkens said are his favorite medium.

“His piece is a reversal of the idea of humans looking into outer space for aliens. In this drawing, aliens are looking towards earth wondering about humans,” Schurkens said.

Heather Henderson, principal of Arizona Charter Academy’s Elementary School, said she was excited to learn that Jaden’s and Joseph’s artwork was selected to be on display at City Hall.

“I am thrilled that the many people who go into City Hall on a daily basis can see some of the wonderful artwork that our talented students have created. I know I speak for the entire staff here at Arizona Charter Academy when I say we are very proud of Jaden and Joseph.”

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