Arizona Charter Academy works diligently to ensure that all students at our school have a safe place to learn and grow.  We encourage parents and other interested citizens to visit schools and classrooms as long as such visits do not disrupt school operations or interfere with the educational process. Parents, citizens and members of the governing board shall have reasonable access to observe classes, activities and functions at the schools upon advance notice to, and authorization by, the building principal or designee. Arrangements to meet with a teacher must be made 24 hours prior to the visit.

In order to ensure that no unauthorized persons enter buildings and that the educational process or other school operations are not disrupted, all visitors to the schools shall report to the school office when entering and exiting, and must receive authorization before visiting other parts of the building. All visitors must display a visitor’s badge while on campus. All campus contact must be initiated through the front office. This requirement does not apply when visitors are attending an athletic event or any other school program in areas typically used for large group assemblies such as gymnasiums and auditoriums, or when parents are attending activities clearly for the purpose of parent involvement such as an open house or parent-teacher conferences.

For a full copy of our visitors policy please see our student handbook.


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