We all know as kids when we were learning our math facts how we would use our fingers, draw pictures, and any other strategy we could find when adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Knowing the basic facts is ESSENTIAL to becoming successful in the world of mathematics. First, students must understand the “why” behind the math, after the concept is understand, automaticity is imperative. Students can NOT use their fingers once it is time to memorize and be quick with the answers.

You ask yourself, “How do I help my child?” We have the answer! Rocket Math is a program adopted by ACA after conducting research and collecting data on the best approach to becoming fast and fluent with basic facts. Grade level goals are as follows:

Kindergarten – Write legible numbers with accuracy and speed

1st Grade – Fluent in addition and subtraction facts up to 10

2nd Grade – Fluent in addition and subtraction facts up to 20

3rd Grade – Fluent in multiplication facts

4th Grade – Fluent in division facts

5th Grade – Fluent in multiplication, division, and factoring

Please ask your student the following questions:

  1. What level are you in Rocket Math (The levels are A-Z)?
  2. What is your goal you are trying to beat?
  3. Do you have a Rocket Math sheet with you that we can practice together?
  4. Have your child say the fact and the answer out loud, time for 2 minutes.
  5. Have your child then do as many as they can, writing the answer in one minute.

Does your child love to play games on the phone? I have the perfect solution! Go to rocketmath.com and check out the program. Rocket Math even has an app for your phone!!

Students are celebrated in January and May for meeting the grade level goals with a party on the patio. Help us, help your student become proficient in the math facts! We need your support.

Mrs. Henderson Principal of Arizona Charter Academy

Mrs. Henderson Principal of Arizona Charter Academy



Image credit: Rocket Math

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